DO YOU Want to learn how to treat complex patients?

Erica Meloe


Susan Clinton


Tough to Treat Clinical Mentoring mastermind

with Erica Meloe and Susan Clinton

Do you want to take your clinical skills to the next level?

  • As clinicians not only do we need PRACTICAL knowledge to help our patients but we need WISDOM shared from those who are using it on a day-to-day basis.
  • You will learn new ways to think through a case, and develop STRONG CLINICAL REASONING in how to best help your patients.
  • This program is about transforming yourself and your practice through LEADING EDGE clinical knowledge.
  • This is a HIGHLY PERSONALIZED program and will teach you to look at your patients via a unique lens.

 Wondering if it's worth it?  

Susan and Erica are Masters of the case study approach to learning.

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People are saying:

"The approaches offered by Susan and Erica exemplify what it means to treat the person in front of you.  Thank you ladies, your podcasts have given me new and different ways to approach my challenging patients. "  

"Within the medical profession there are many cases that may go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.  It is refreshing to hear these cases and the medical professionals that validate and actually hear the patients concerns to figure out a method to help them besides just directing them to a prescription for medication. (which is a case by case) "



  • How to find the source versus treating the symptom 
  • How to develop a streamlined clinical reasoning process
  • Why the source of a person's knee pain can lie in their opposite hip
  • When the foot is related to post op hip pain
  • Ways to increase your revenue
  • Why it is essential to specialize your assessment to get the best results
  • When the thorax causes pelvic pain
  • Why the neck can result in low back pain
  • and much more!!!