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Meet The Hosts

Meet Erica

I solved unique financial puzzles on Wall Street for a decade. Now I utilize those same strengths to help rid my patients of pain so that they can live their lives on their own terms.

The greatest victories in my physical therapy career are realized when I apply my natural problem-solving skills, honed even further on Wall Street, to help alleviate my patients’ pain; … pain that in many cases no one else has been able to resolve.

I work with my patients to uncover the true source of their pain, and together we work towards them becoming pain-free.

I’m so fortunate to have found my true calling and to be able to help people in the most important area of their lives – their health!

Meet Susan

 Susan is a certified and award-winning physical therapist in professional achievement, health and wellness coach, and owner of LTI Physio (Learn, Think, Innovate) in Sault Sainte Marie, MI. She is an international instructor of post-professional education in women’s health (including pelvic health issues in women), orthopedic manual therapy, and positive intelligence coaching for Healthcare providers and business psychology. She is faculty at Andrews University, a Master Coach for the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, and faculty for North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy and ASPIRE OMT

 In addition to co-hosting Tough to Treat, Susan also co-hosts “The Genius Project,” reframing the treatment of persistent musculoskeletal pain. She is the co-founder and board member for the foundation: Global Women’s Health Initiative and a reviewer and advisory board member for the Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy.  She also has recently launched her Pelvic Health Education Subscription aimed at helping clinicians become more proficient and confident in treating pelvic health conditions.

 When she isn’t advocating for women’s health and mentoring other clinicians, Susan enjoys walking/hiking, country line dance, and ballroom dancing, a supporter of music, the arts, and international objectives for women’s health.


What Other’s Say

"Take your clinical reasoning to a new level This podcast by two outstanding clinicians has it all, from novel approaches to evaluation and treatment of dysfunctional movement patterns, to lifestyle or underlying medical factors as perpetuators, to those all-important listening and communication skills. Thank you Susan and Erica!"

Lex in AK

"Case study-based podcast I have been listening on my commute for at least a year. I have listened to Susan Clinton speak on pelvic floor issues, and as a PT that treats both orthopedics and pelvic floor issues, this is right up my alley. Susan and Erica use thoughtful, creative techniques to get to the root of their patients’ problems."

Carlsbad burbies

"Extremely valuable resource!This is the podcast I’ve been searching for for a few years. Super helpful as a new grad, can’t get enough! Thank you so much Susan and Erica for the awesome, thought provoking cases. I learn so much every time."

Erin Mary