Erica and Susan

Overactive Bladder and Hip Dysfunction

Mar 28, 2024 | Hip Pain | 0 comments

This episode presents a client with a seemingly straightforward diagnosis in pelvic health of overactive bladder (OAB). The history and physical presentation tell a different story. 

Join Susan and Erica as they explore why often a regional approach will not help the client progress to their highest levels of function without symptoms. We discuss the various drivers viscerally and MSK regionally and why tendon function and the client’s stage of life require the utmost consideration. 

Join us in the conversation and discover the multi-system approach in consideration of the examination and interventions for this client!

A glance at this episode:

  • [2:22] Urinary incontinence and hip injury
  • [6:50] Pelvic floor dysfunction and its connection to urgency frequency
  • [11:49] Pelvic floor exam and overactive bladder symptoms
  • [16:30] Abdominal and musculoskeletal issues
  • [22:12] Exercise modifications for lower back pain
  • [28:23] Exercises for pelvic health and bladder control
  • [32:59] Pelvic health and muscle imbalances
  • [39:00] Mental health cases and patient mentoring

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