Erica and Susan

#118 The Foot and Diaphragm- Their Connection To This Skier’s Hip Pain

May 16, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

What happens when you take away a compensation? Movement patterns change for starters. But what if these new strategies are not optimal for whatever activity you are trying to do? New sport you want to master? That’s where the reality unfolds. Healthy systems need choices and when you take away a compensation or a movement pattern that no longer works (i.e. painful), your brain is forced to develop another strategy. In this episode we talk about a patient from episodes 109 and 110, who has made fantastic gains but started skiing again. He resorted to an old movement strategy which included a non-optimal breathing pattern, over recruiting his diaphragm and ultimately a gripping strategy throughout his anterior chain. Hint: ski boot takes away compensatory foot pattern. We also discuss some great treatment strategies for integrating his foot in a NEW functional pattern so he can gain capacity for higher load activities such as skiing and upright movements where the foot is involved.


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