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Choosing The Best Functional Movement For Your Assessment

Jun 29, 2022 | Assessment | 0 comments

Success = picking the best functional movement to assess with your patient.   

Can you imagine shaving minutes off of your initial evaluation time?

And at the same time, connecting with your patient in a way that not only increases the therapeutic alliance but will help you find the driver quicker.  

Join Erica and Susan for a mini-episode that will help you gain clarity on choosing the best functional movement for your assessment.

A glance at this episode:

  • [1:21] How to assess functional movement patterns that have meaning for your patient
  • [2:45] How do you know if you’re feeling pain
  • [3:50] What are you doing when you’re sitting
  • [5:58] The purpose of the exercise to help the patient connect to the movement
  • [7:30] The power of the lower quarter as a potential driver
  • [10:39] When you need to get the patient involved in the process
  • [12:09] Why looking at their compensation is important

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