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Treating Knee OA The Smart Way

Oct 27, 2022 | Knee Pain | 0 comments

In this episode, Erica and Susan discuss how to begin and progress treatment with a knee OA without exacerbating their symptoms. Knee pain can be quite provoking as we age, especially for those older adults who have always been active and want to stay that way. 

Osteoarthritis is fairly common, however, exercise designed for this patient population tends to fall short and can often exacerbate the symptoms. 

Is there an articular problem? 

Yes, often times that’s where it starts. But it cannot stop there. 

These patients must be progressed through a SMART exercise progression in a graded fashion. This is done by changing position, context, load and range.

A glance at this episode:

  • [2:45] An 81-year-old patient who wants to run a marathon
  • [3:50] Patient’s past movement history
  • [7:10] Erica walks through her exam
  • [10:00] Susan’s view on the patient so far based on his history
  • [11:02] How Erica worked with the patient 
  • [13:21] Basic exercise for the patient
  • [15:00] Susan’s advice on exercise
  • [16:55] Using a ball to help with squats
  • [18:02] Looking at the impairment for the patient
  • [19:02] What you could use if you don’t have access to gym equipment
  • [22:10] Some stretches that Erica gave her patient
  • [24:45] Erica continues to lateral step ups
  • [27:16] How she got her patient to squat
  • [29:15] The clinical reasoning on what the patient was having trouble with

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