Erica and Susan

Postpartum Pelvic Pain and Urgency

There are many ways to approach pelvic pain and symptoms of urinary urge incontinence, but did you know that how the MSK system moves can affect these symptoms as well?  

On this podcast, we dive into the movement system, past/present autoimmune history, and post-partum process while changing this client’s symptoms as well as her urinary incontinence. In turn, she regains control over her pelvic pain!

A glance at this episode:

  • [0:01] Postpartum pelvic pain and urinary incontinence in a 34-year-old woman
  • [2:07] Pregnancy, autoimmune disorders, and migraines
  • [5:36] Postpartum health, nutrition, and urinary incontinence
  • [11:18] Postpartum care and pain management
  • [14:40] Back pain and mobility issues
  • [17:56] Postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction and urgency issues
  • [24:09] Managing urinary incontinence through diet and exercise changes
  • [27:42] Urgency and pain during sex, pelvic exam, and internal rotation
  • [30:22] Pelvic pain and cranial flexion
  • [36:17] Evaluating and treating a patient’s urgent symptoms through neural tension and movement
  • [38:54] Breathing techniques for managing urinary urgency and stress

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