Erica and Susan

The Balance System as a Driver

Feb 29, 2024 | Assessment | 0 comments

Join us in episode #200 where Susan and Erica explore the potentiality of the balance system as a primary or secondary driver. With a client’s history of injury or illness, there is an event that sets up their system for adaptation. Oftentimes, in regional-specific rehab, the balance system is not considered as a driver. What keeps the client in adaptation may be the primary driver, however, the balance adapts to keep the entire body and physiology upright against gravity. This system can change, and the need for activity to accomplish this becomes a primary consideration in the assessment and the intervention. Listen in to the conversation and find easy clues to discover in your client assessment and effective interventions.

A glance at this episode:

  • [5:27] Balance system adaptation and rehabilitation
  • [12:43] Balance, vestibular system, and eye movements
  • [21:04] The importance of challenging the balance system and multitasking while keeping balance intact
  • [25:28] Balance challenges and treatment options for various populations
  • [29:53] Improving balance and rotation through exercises
  • [35:30] Pelvic health, balance, and movement patterns
  • [43:47] Balance system importance in exercise and rehabilitation

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