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When The Driver Is Not The Pelvis

Apr 11, 2024 | PELVIC GIRDLE PAIN | 0 comments

In this episode, we discuss the case of a very active woman grappling with SI (sacroiliac) joint pain. These symptoms manifest while walking and with hip external rotation. 

Furthermore, the episode unravels the complexities surrounding assessments, especially when individuals seek consultation for a single visit. We also delve into why and when using a pelvic belt is helpful. 

Also, for the non-pelvic health therapists out there, we discuss how you can palpate relevant muscles externally to further confirm or negate your hypothesis as to whether the pelvis is a driver. This patient had an extensive medical and surgical history. 

We also discuss certain aspects of her history that are very relevant for treatment. When someone has had 3 C-sections, an abdominoplasty, breast reconstruction, and more, do you think that the pelvis is the main driver? 

Think again if you do. 

Remember, we are a product of our compensations and adaptations to prior injuries and surgeries.

A glance at this episode:

  • [4:04] Pelvic girdle pain and nerve damage
  • [7:55] Patient’s medical history and treatment options
  • [12:17] Pelvic girdle dysfunction and its impact on gait
  • [18:48] Pelvic health issues and scoliosis
  • [22:15] Patient’s medical history and potential causes of pain
  • [26:23] Treating chronic pain and imbalance in a patient with a history of abdominal surgeries and scoliosis
  • [32:22] Pelvic floor assessment and treatment
  • [36:43] Treating chronic pain in a patient with complex history
  • [41:26] Pelvic health and its impact on overall body function

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