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A Case of Lateral Hip Pain

Jan 4, 2024 | Hip Pain | 0 comments

Consideration of lateral hip pain requires a thoughtful clinical reasoning process to discover the physiology/movement patterns as well as neural contributions required to make a diagnosis and successfully build an intervention that lasts. 

One size does not fit all – join us as we discuss the findings in this “not so unique” case and the discovery of the underlying movement patterns, impairments, and why lateral rotator strengthening is not always the answer.

A glance at this episode:

  • [2:15] Hip and knee pain with a patient
  • [5:08] Chronic pain and potential causes
  • [9:35] A woman’s mobility and symptoms
  • [12:51] Client’s hip movement and range of motion
  • [19:04] Hip mobility and exercise techniques
  • [22:31] Hip pain and motor planning in a patient
  • [25:45] Hip rotation and posture with a patient
  • [31:12] Pelvic floor muscles and hip rotator imbalance
  • [34:54] Physical therapy exercises for improving balance and reducing neurological symptoms
  • [41:48] Treating hip pain through physical therapy
  • [44:58] Manual therapy techniques for pain management

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