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Back Pain/Leg Pain – Making the Right Call For Our Clients

Apr 25, 2024 | LOW BACK PAIN | 0 comments

This episode presents what should be a straightforward case of a significant nerve root irritation. Unfortunately for this client, her situation was not addressed adequately and has left her in a lot of pain for over 3 months. 

Join us as Susan presents this client case, what went wrong, and the assessment and intervention with a rich discussion of the path forward. 

Here is a Hint: center of mass and chronic loading play a strong part in this story!

A glance at this episode:

  • [2:21] Back and glute pain, stretches, and fatigue
  • [7:37] Back pain and mobility issues
  • [12:16] Patient’s chronic pain and mobility issues
  • [17:02] Proper standing and walking techniques for comfort and mobility
  • [22:00] Standing balance and stretching exercises for improved mobility
  • [26:51] Patient’s chronic back pain and potential nerve damage
  • [31:26] Back pain treatment options and the importance of proper imaging
  • [36:01] Proper treatment approaches for a patient with persistent low back pain

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