Erica and Susan

Finding Hidden Connections In Functional Movements- Why They Matter

Aug 17, 2023 | Assessment | 0 comments

In this episode, Erica explores the intersection of functional movement and persistent pain, offering a comprehensive blueprint for understanding and addressing movement dysfunctions that may contribute to ongoing discomfort. 

Join her as she discusses her insights and tips with examples from her patient caseload. 

Erica also speaks to functional movements that will help you find “hidden” drivers in other regions of the body. 

Whether you’re dealing with persistent pain or are a healthcare provider seeing those persistent cases, this episode equips you with advanced clinical reasoning knowledge and tools to create a solid assessment so you don’t miss important connections.

A glance at this episode:

  • [2:41] How to assess low back pain
  • [4:45] How to assess the squat
  • [6:57] Looking at functional movement patterns
  • [9:11] Looking for movement patterns that relate to symptoms
  • [11:08] Sling squats and heel raises
  • [13:12] Inversion patters
  • [14:57] How to evaluate neck pain
  • [16:53] Assessing the movement pattern 

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