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Pelvic Girdle Pain: Current Concepts Part 2

Jul 6, 2023 | PELVIC GIRDLE PAIN | 0 comments

Clinical practice guidelines provide the practitioner with the most up-to-date research on a certain diagnosis or condition. 

Join Susan in a two-part interview about Pelvic Girdle Pain in the Antepartum Population. 

In part 2 there is a discussion around systemic vs. biomechanical drivers and the effect of cortisol and stress. 

The clinician is asked to review their confirmational biases, consider changing from the relaxin conversation, and listen to the client’s story. 

Interventions are driven by these stories, movement pattern changes, load transfer, and sensory input.

A glance at this episode:

  • [0:40] Pelvic girdle pain and pregnancy
  • [2:17] Relaxing the girdle joints
  • [4:27] The importance of looking at the population
  • [5:24] How to listen to a patient’s story
  • [7:37] Taking the titles of functional outcome measures off the forms
  • [9:50] How to reduce load transfer
  • [12:04] What does a belt do for patients

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