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Exercise Progression for the Tough to Treat Shoulder

Aug 25, 2022 | Shoulder Pain | 0 comments

The shoulder can be tough to treat at times, right? 

It consists of many regions of the body and in order to design an exercise progression that gets results, you must:

*Down train the old dominant strategy first
*Be innovative with release positions to tease out certain muscles that are overactive
*Train volume of easy exercise at a low level 
*Use hands and knees as a treatment and exercise progression

This episode discusses all this and much more!   

Remember, consider the impairment. Once you have this, then you can begin to formulate an effective exercise progression that works.

A glance at this episode:

  • [1:15] How to efficiently progress someone with a shoulder problem
  • [5:07] Glenohumeral Joint Dysfunction
  • [14:16] Exercise progression for glenohumeral joint issues
  • [16:26] Working with the patient to find out what cues work
  • [19:00] You need to read the patient’s strategy before you train the new one
  • [21:32] Advice for patients who have shoulder issues

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