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How To Increase Proprioception – An Updated Approach

Dec 8, 2022 | Assessment | 0 comments

What are the clues and the keys to increasing somatosensory awareness in your patients? Putting someone on a dynadisc or a foam pad does not cut it anymore when your patient lacks sufficient motor control to move well. Make the clinical decision-does my patient need this NOW? Proprioception challenges the individual movement system in many different ways. In this episode, Erica discusses new and novel ways to highlight proprioception in your treatment programs. Be creative! One of the examples Erica discusses is how she uses therabands and velocity to achieve this goal.

A glance at this episode:

  • [2:20] Proprioception in orthopedic patients
  • [4:39] What is proprioceptors and how do you improve it
  • [6:30] How do you stimulate the nervous system to increase proprioception
  • [9:03] Exercise for non-athlete populations
  • [12:29] How to train proprioception in hyper-mobile patients

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