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Foot and Hip Pain? Why You Treat The Thorax

Dec 15, 2022 | FOOT PAIN, Hip Pain | 0 comments

Your patient has a dysfunctional thorax and it’s driving their symptoms, wherever they are. How can you clinically reason treating a non-painful thorax for distal symptoms, such as the foot and hip?

The body translates the head, thorax, and the pelvis over the feet for many reasons. Offloading a painful foot, knee, hip is one reason, the other can be an ingrained movement pattern that has been there for years because of an old injury or from a dominant movement or sport history.

Join Susan and Erica as they discuss thoracic drivers and how they can relate to hip and foot dysfunction. They discuss patterns of non-optimal movement in the thorax and how you would progress exercise appropriately in these patients.

A glance at this episode:

  • [2:13] The thoracic driver is part of the body that is not moving well
  • [6:47] How do you know if it’s a thoracic driver
  • [8:40] What’s driving the pain
  • [15:12] Working into the thorax to improve proprioception
  • [19:02] Compression on the dominant side of the body
  • [20:34] Looking further into more drivers
  • [25:52] The importance of proprioceptors and proprioception

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