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Grow Your Clinical Expertise By Learning How To Treat The Complex Patient (Part 1)

Jan 5, 2023 | Assessment | 0 comments

In this 2 part episode, Susan and Erica discuss what it takes to become a clinical expert, and how that translates into effectively assessing and treating the “tough to treat”.

They highlight common errors in clinical reasoning and how to avoid them. They also discuss common red and yellow flags and when to trust your gut.

This is part of what makes an expert.

Remember, the organization and structure of a clinician’s knowledge are more important than the content itself. Learning how to ask the right questions will lead you to the driver more quicker.

A glance at this episode:

  • [5:48] The importance of critical thinking in clinical practice
  • [10:44] Clinical red flags and clinical yellow flags
  • [12:35] Red flags that go along with back pain
  • [18:08] Central sensitization is a good outcome measure
  • [20:51] What does a successful outcome look like
  • [26:47] How to get someone from free contemplative to contemplative
  • [29:41] A brief case study of two patients with low back pain
  • [35:24] What’s optimal for these patients
  • [41:19] Nerves are bloodsuckers and need to move
  • [48:32] How to know when to change posture
  • [55:23] Case study of a client with progressive pain in back of pelvis

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