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Post Partum: Urinary Incontinence, Abdominal Bloating and a Return to High Intensity Exercise

Oct 12, 2023 | POSTPARTUM | 0 comments

In this episode, Erica and Susan welcome Julia Rosenthal to the mic. 

Julia is a physical therapist in NYC. She brings a complex case of a postpartum patient of hers who has symptoms of urinary incontinence as well as other bowel and bladder issues that were made worse after giving birth. 

The patient is a personal trainer and used to high-load exercise, so the need to get back to this is strong. She also has complaints of abdominal bloating along with occasional musculoskeletal pain with CKC lower extremity work. 

This discussion is rich in treatment interventions for Julia’s patient- from nutritional strategies to hormonal interventions to specific exercises the patient can do while feeling like she is loading her system in the necessary ways. Erica and Susan also discuss the importance of the thorax and its relationship to the pelvis and how best to balance these 2 regions of the body.

A glance at this episode:

  • [2:13] Pelvic floor and orthopedic physical therapy for a postpartum woman with GI issues and fecal smearing
  • [9:50] Postpartum bladder issues and musculoskeletal complaints
  • [17:33] Thyroid issues and autoimmune disorders
  • [21:36] Assessment and intervention for a patient with chronic constipation and pelvic floor dysfunction
  • [27:36] Patient’s pelvic floor mobility and lifestyle changes
  • [33:06] Abdominal issues and breathing patterns
  • [38:01] Managing IBS symptoms through breathing exercises and mindful eating
  • [44:02] Using Nerva app for mental health
  • [47:31] Exercises for a pregnant woman with thoracic issues
  • [53:27] Addressing a personal trainer’s physical and mental health issues
  • [1:00:01] Patient care and therapy approaches.

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