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How To Increase Patient Adherence To Exercise

Oct 5, 2023 | EXERCISE | 0 comments

Ep 181: How To Increase Patient Adherence To Exercise

How do you increase patient compliance with their exercise program? 

This can be very frustrating for both the therapist and the patient. 

In this shortie episode, Erica discusses how she helps keep her patients on track with their movement program. 

She often says, “If it’s not trialed, then the chances of your patient doing the exercise are reduced at least 10-fold.” 

What is the goal of exercise? 

Ultimately, it’s about training the brain and optimizing movement. 

You need to get the patient to “buy in”. What will they buy into? Results. Plan and simple. 

Some of the best results come from a team effort. Establishing a collaboration with your patient and increasing self-efficacy will get them where they need to go.

A glance at this episode:

  • [1:16] Patient compliance and adherence in therapy
  • [4:28] Exercises for persistent pain patients
  • [8:16] Patient adherence to home exercises and individualized treatment approaches
  • [10:56] Active involvement in exercise programs for better patient outcomes

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