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Foot Drivers – The Prequel to the Foot Progression Exercises

Apr 20, 2023 | Exercise Progression | 0 comments

Erica and Susan have presented several podcasts discussing the exercise progression of the foot as the primary and secondary driver. 

Today they discuss the idea of taking the movement pattern down a couple of steps in preparation for the foot to handle loads, change the body posture, and progress to appropriate AP sway. 

The clinical reasoning process is key for understanding how the foot should be working before strengthening and challenging movement patterns can be improved.

A glance at this episode:

  • [7:36] How to get the foot to turn on to work
  • [11:05] Creating a tripod position for the foot
  • [15:32] How to mobilize your feet
  • [20:17] Neural tension work and increasing mobility
  • [24:45] The split squat position
  • [28:18] How do you learn to squat down
  • [33:23] The importance of building volume at low levels

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