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Manual Therapy Or Not? Hands Off Or Hands On? Or Both?

Jan 19, 2023 | Assessment | 0 comments

When do you make the clinical decision to put your hands on your patient or take them off? 

We are changing brain maps and our hands act as facilitators of movement. You need a clinical decision tree to decide which muscles to release and which ones to let go of. 

A clinical pearl: as your patient moves forward in their program, certain muscles will appear in more loaded movement patterns that you will NOT see in a passive position, like supine. 

Don’t miss this. What is manual therapy? 

The next time you see a patient, pause and ask yourself, “why am I putting my hands on this region of the body? “. Is it to show them that you do “hands-on” therapy? Or something else?

A glance at this episode:

  • [2:57] Once you know the driver, what will you do with it
  • [4:36] Irrelevant muscles may not be prevalent in a supine position
  • [6:35] How to get patients in the prone position for manual therapy
  • [8:15] When to do manual therapy and when to not
  • [10:37] Hands-on versus passive
  • [13:02] What is manual therapy

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