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When Do You Treat The Viscera?

Nov 2, 2023 | Assessment | 1 comment

When do you treat the viscera? 

And why? 

This episode discusses a bit about the abdominal viscera. It is certainly not all-encompassing by any means. We just want our audience to be aware of the possibilities. 

Erica relays some clues in the patient’s history as to why you would screen for GI dysfunction. She uses 2 case examples of when the abdominal viscera was the secondary driver in one case and when it was a significant impairment in a patient with a dural driver in the other. 

Once again, it all comes down to listening to your patient and connecting the dots. 

A glance at this episode:

  • [2:24] GI dysfunction and its relationship to manual therapy
  • [7:10] Abdominal palpation and soft tissue work for low back pain
  • [9:46] Identifying visceral dysfunction in patients with low back pain
  • [14:26] Abdominal viscera and soft tissue restrictions in physical therapy

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