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The Role of the Diaphragm in Chronic Low Back Pain and GI Dysfunction

Nov 9, 2023 | Gut, LOW BACK PAIN | 0 comments

How similar are the neuromuscular responses to pain with Chronic low back pain and GI pain?

Join Susan and Erica in a great discussion of the role of the diaphragm and how this changes with pain and inhibition/over-recruitment in the system.

In chronic low back pain and abdominal bloating/distention the diaphragm becomes a postural control muscle which greatly limits the respiratory ability along with an ineffectual model for spine stiffness and visceral organ pusher.

This is an excellent discussion following the podcast episode 185.

A glance at this episode:

  • [3:13] How lying on back affects breathing and posture
  • [7:42] Abdominal wall dysfunction and its impact on GI function and low back pain
  • [12:05] Abdominal diaphragm dysfunction in chronic low back pain
  • [19:43] Diaphragm and abdominal wall dysfunction in chronic low back pain
  • [25:24] Abdominal wall deficits and breathwork for chronic low back pain
  • [31:43] Treating gas and bloating through pelvic health therapy
  • [38:24] Treating GI dysfunction and Cushing’s syndrome

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